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Ten hous from home

35', Italy, 2015

Produced by ITHACA Project
European University Institute
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Prince arrived in Austria from India 25 years ago as a student. Today, he owns a famous exotic food market in Vienna and is actively engaged in charity projects in his hometown and around the world. Myroslava left Ukraine when she was 22 and moved to Naples. She worked, became fluent in Italian and eventually married with a fellow national. Now she’s proud to be back home, in spite of the war. Samir instead settled in London as a refugee from the Bosnia. Today he trades products from across the Balkans to counteract his nostalgia for Bosnia. At 17, Khalid hid underneath a truck in Tangiers and crossed the Gibraltar strait seeking a future on the other side. Shot in Austria, Ukraine, Spain and the UK, Ten hours from home explores the meaning and feelings of living across two faraway countries as an everyday option. 7 stories from Bosnia, Ukraine, Morocco, India and The Philippines shed new light on transnational mobility as a way of life.

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