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Song for Amine

52', Spain-France, 2009

Movies That Matter 2010
Paris International Human Right Film Festival 2010
DocumentaMadrid 2010

Every Wednesday, on Addis Abeba Square in Algiers, mothers and relatives of Algerians kidnapped by the national security agents rally in front of the National Human Right Commission. Forced disappearances in Algeria during the bloody years of the “war on terrorism” started in 1991 are officially 6.146 (more than 10.000 according to human rights associations). Men, women, elders and youths, many of them having no relationship with radical Islamism which challenged the State power in the 90s. They are the victims of the State terrorism, of tortures and unlawful executions as a State answer to the aggression of Islamist parties. Disappearances are called today “collateral damages” of the civil war. The State claims to be “responsible, but not guilty” for them. Compensation is offered to families for renouncing to the truth on their relatives. Nassera Dutour, after the disappearance of her son Amine, dedicated her life to the fight for memory, truth and justice.

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