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Ciudad Migrante

65', Spain, 2015

An anonymous photographer sticks hundreds of portraits on the empty walls of Barcelona’s suburbs. His street installation are a mirror of the city discover as a tireless crossroads of migrant lives: Samba, who came from Mali in 1988 escaping from the draught in his country; Juán, whose parents came to Barcelona from southern Spain in the ‘60s escaping from  the same poverty. Tamerlan, Georgian wrestling champion, who became the trainer of a Spanish olypmic star from the local suburbs. Maria José and Paco, who got married in spite of him being gypsy from a nomadic family. Dilora, refugee from the persecutions of the Uzbek regime; Kushbu and Vasanta, who escaped from Nepal  for love. Away from any rethoric of emergency, the film focus on migration as base line of any life story and stone foundation of the city.  

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